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70° and Counting

Today and tomorrow the weather folks think that we will have record-breaking temperatures for December.  Today it reached 70 and tomorrow it is expected to reach 72.

I am celebrating this warm weather by sharing some pictures from this past summer.

I know I should not celebrate all this potential record-breaking weather this winter because at some point we will pay the price.




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Snow Snow and more Snow

Not really but we are prepared.

The landscapers at my job are gearing up for the coming snow (not any time soon I hope). The sand/salt mixture and some of the machinery has been deliveried and it is ready and waiting for snow.   I hope they have a long wait.

The weather is not showing signs that the beginning of winter is just a few days away. Today’s temperature is 58°F, which is warm considering the time of year for New Jersey weather.

For those that doubt, global warming is real.



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Global Warming?

Today I went out on my Balcony Oasis to finally clean up the dead flowers.  To my delighted surprise there was a flower in bloom and another one sprouting a new leaf.  I know that these particular plants should have died off by now and patiently awaiting spring like the rest of us.

The weather here in New Jersey has been pretty mild for November.

Have you seen any unusual blooms this season?

Azela from mothers garden

Azalea bloom from mothers garden

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