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Fungus Friday 1 – Orange Cluster

Photographing mushrooms seems to be a thing for me so I decided that on Fridays during the summer I will post mushrooms. So here is the first post in the category.

At my day job there is a lot of mushrooms and most of them are orange. Click here to see some tiny mushrooms from last week.

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Natures Tooth

This is a mushroom growing in my greenhouse. To me it resembles a tooth with its roots still attached.

What do you think?

Is it one of the poisonous ones?

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When Settings Are Wrong

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. by Roger Miller

Today is a cold rainy here in New Jersey not really good for outdoor photos but I did not want my new found momentum to fade away.

So I put on the heavy coat and ventured outside. To see what the rain has to offer besides wetness.

I forgot to change the settings on the camera. I still think it came out okay. What do you think?

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It is Solved!

The “seed pods” that I recently posted are not seed pods after all.  I posted the photo on Instagram and asked if anyone knew what it was and the answered was revealed.

Cedar-apple rust fungus or the technical term Gymnosporangiu, jumiperi-virginiana. It takes approximately 2 years to get to this point.  I have seen these before, without all the orange things hanging down, and assumed it was a seed pod.


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Nature’s Stairway

Be prepared to look down from time to time as you may be pleasantly surprised by what you see.



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7 Days of Nature Challenge (3/7)

My 3rd entry for the 7 Days of Nature Challenge

About 2 weeks ago my grandson and I went for our second adventure in the woods (picks come soon).  On our walk I came across this fungus growing on some trees.

I think the first one looks like steps.


Fungus 2

Steps of Fungus

fungus 2


To take part in the challenge you are to post one nature photo per day for seven days and nominate a new member.  I do realize that everyone does not like to participate in these types of challenges so if you are nominated please do not feel obligated to participate.

My 3rd nomination is Julie over at Julie Powell – Photographer and Graphic Artist.  Julie offers a wide range of photos she adds a bit of her awesome graphic art skills to some.

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Side Street Sunday

Today for my first Side Street Sunday post I present to you a leaf, a fungus, a weed, and a piece of caution tape.  These items caught my eye as I walked round the lake looking for something different to photograph.

To see images from my prior visit just click here.


I liked the curl and shadow on this dried up leaf.


This fungus caught my eye because it decided to grow around the vine.


I just liked the puffiness of this weed.

Hopefully nothing serious happened here.

Hopefully nothing serious happened here.

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Fungus or Angel

Saw these mushrooms growing in the cracks between a wall and sidewalk.  At a quick glance this mushroom looks like a fallen Angel.  The bottom of the “wings” are black as if they were dragged.

Do you see an Angel?


Fungus or Angel?


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Fungus among us!

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