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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday: Country Vehicles

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Birdhouse Gourds

The Birdhouse Gourds are growing great. The vine is well over 10 feet long and there are approximately 20 gourds formed and growing beautifully.

This is an image of the largest gourd growing.

The Luffa Gourds are slow growing compared to the Birdhouse gourd. They are now a little over 6 feet long, maybe more. They hang not flowered yet but hopefully they will soon.

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This beast of a pig belongs to a neighbor who also has another potbellied pig, 2 ducks, 2 huge dogs and a few chickens.

When I titled this post Patches it reminded me of a song by Clarence Carter that I have not heard in many years. The song is also titled Patches. Check it out on YouTube.

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Fruits of My Labor

My hot peppers, juliet tomatoes and red skinned potatoes are all almost ready for the picking.

It is a good feeling when I can look at what my hands helped to create.

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Blonde Bombshell!

While on my way home from visiting my father today I stopped on the side of the road to take some pictures of corn.  I took a few pictures for this weeks Daily Post Challenge, Narrow (posting later).  When I looked at the husk of this corn it looked like hair.  I decided to edit it using the painting filter in Superphoto Plus and it really looks like wind-blown blonde hair.

What do you think?


blonde bombshell


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Sally Starr

sally starr

Sally Starr Ranch

After Going through the photos from the other night, I realized that some of the other pictures were of a partial view of the farm that belonged to local legend Sally Starr.

Sally Starr was a famous TV personality back in the 60’s and 70’s.  I remember watching Sally Starr and Chief Halftown.  My grandmother would take us every Christmas to her companies children’s christmas party in Philadelphia that was hosted by Chief Halftown. 

Seeing these pictures brought back some good childhood memories.


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Open Invitation to Roam

How many of you photographers out there view a “private property no trespassing” sign as an open invite to cross that imaginary line just a bit?

Open invitation

I don’t usually break the law but when I see something that I want to photography and I have viewed this sign as an invitation to proceed.

As a result of todays “invitation” I was able to capture these 2 rusty old tractors. It felt as if they were calling my name “….Robin, Robin over here…” LOL

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WP Photo Challenge: On the Way

What I see on the way to Woodstown NJ

At this garden and farm supply company they have a colorful way to attract customers.  As you see there is blue tractor on top of a waterfall that has matching water flowing down the rocks.  At times when there is a green tractor there the water is also green.  Not just green but fluorescent green.  It looks like it would glow in the dark.



I believe this next picture is to represent that they have so much mulch that it is overflowing fromtheir trucks.




Make sure you check out what others see on the way!

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