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For this weeks Daily Post Challenge: Faces, I decided to share a picture of Arai with his great-grandfather (my dad) enjoying a quiet moment, a short video of playtime with Pop-pop and of course I had to also add a few funny faces.


Quality Time

I can not tell who had the most fun.

Here are a few funny faces of Arai.

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Adventure 2

About 2 weeks ago Arai and I went on our second adventure into the woods.  I never noticed that there is a trail that the folks that ride 4 wheelers use is just outside my yard.  So on this day we decided to take that trail instead of wandering aimlessly.

Most of the pictures of Arai were of his back.  I had to keep telling to slow down and wait for Mom-mom and of course I got the why and I had to admit that I am old and can’t run as fast as you.  A few times the look he gave aid “you need to hurry up Mom-mom”.  So I had to distract him with looking up at the trees and looking down at the new plants springing forth.  But that did not last long he wanted to keep going.


Arai likes pirates and pirate maps.  He knows that “X” is where to find the treasure.  Before Spring is over I will be making a treasure map and hiding different treasure for him to find.  Only problem I see with this….who will takes pictures?


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Last night my niece celebrated her 30th birthday so I was elected to babysit 3 little ones.  With the crying, fighting and sweetness we called it an early night, including me with a splitting headache from all the noise.  It was good during the sweetness to have the kids at the house.

In the morning I woke early and needed to figure out what to do as I did not want to start the day the same way it ended.

So Arai and I made breakfast (pancakes and sausage) and he did some dishes as I cooked.  This little task helped set the mood for the morning.


The Dishwasher

After breakfast we go dressed and went on an Adventure in the woods.  This was all done by 9am.

We walked the woods for a good hour and a half (mainly in circles).  Arai and Camren were totally enjoying our walk.

Since this was an adventure Arai needed to find some treasure.  He found at least 5 pinecones and a piece of wood that he claimed as treasure which Mom-mom (me) had to photograph and hide in her pockets (yes I still have them).  I am think of making a treasure map and hiding some things in the woods for our next adventure.

Seeing how they all interacted in the woods made me glad that I am out of that apartment and in a house that has some land and surrounded by woods.

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WP Photo Challenge: Now

My family after Christmas breakfast.  This was supposed to be posted yesterday so that it can fit this week’s theme of nowbut procrastination and a full belly prevented me from posting.

Christmas 1

My now (yesterday). Four generations after Christmas breakfast.


Click here to see more “now” images.

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I Made It

Sunday was my 50th birthday.  I made it.  Due to some major health issues in the past I sometimes felt that I would not see 50.  Due to science, doctors, and God, I made through and hope to see many more birthdays.

My children, son-in-law, nephews and sister-in-law (more like a sister) gathered at a local restaurant, Benihanas, to celebrate me turning half century.



Family is everything!

Side Street Sunday: The Halfwit

Today on my journey to find something new I stumbled on something old on a stretch of route 73 that I have no traveled in a while.  Mr. Bills Coney Island restaurant.

As kids back in the 1970’s it was a treat to go to Mr. Bills for breakfast on a saturday morning or some ice cream after a hot day of playing with friends.

Mr. Bills is now closed but the famous landmark still remains.  Mr.s Bills famous landmark has been around for approximately 50 years and it has a very strong likeness to the face of Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine.  He is officially know as the Happy Halfwit


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WP Photo Challenge: Transition

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US.  It is a day that we are to give thanks for the blessings that we have receive in the past year.

This particular Thanksgiving was very rewarding.  We were able to mix and mingle with relatives that we have not seen in some time.  It was also a slightly bitter day at the same time.  We celebrated the life of my grandfather who would have been 100 years old this past February 22.  He transitioned to heaven almost 40 years ago at the hands of another over a rental dispute of less than $200.

The image below is of his 6 remaining children holding one of the 9  $1 dollar bills that was in his wallet on that fateful night and his shoes.

~ Horace G. Worthington, II ~

~ Horace G. Worthington, II  2/22/1915 – 12-9-1976 ~


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WP Photo Challenge: Change

I have a few ideas of things that I will hopefully post for this weeks WP “Change” Challenge.

The first post is being pregnant to becoming a mother.  A womans body and mind goes thru so many major changes to bring new life into this world.


My niece Chanel and her son Georgie.  Little Georgie is about 7 days old in this picture.


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WP Photo Challenge: Grid (2)

Mu 2nd entry for this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Grid.

A day in Atlantic City New Jersey back in April with my grandson Arai.  He wanted to walk ahead of us.  He is so independent.  Wants to do most things for hisself

beach day

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Starlight Blogger Award

I was awarded the Starlight Blogger Award back in July by Gale over at Living Life Day by Day“.   I do have a tendency to procrastinate when I do not have a deadline but eventually it gets done.  I did not intend to take this long however.

Starlight Blogger Award

The Starlight Blogger Award was created to highlight and promote inspirational bloggers and their blogs by NickysdayWithAutism.

There are a few basic rules:
  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 3 questions that are given to you.
  • Pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award on your blog, please never alter the logo and never change the rules.
Here are the questions that Gale asked of the people she nominated:


  1. What was the most life changing moment in your life?
  2. How did someone unexpectedly help you just when you desperately needed it most?
  3. Where do you find your inspiration to write?
My answers:
  1. I actually have 2 life changing moments and they were both when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  This was devastating to say the least.  I am not going to dwell on the negative emotions that were engulfing me at the time but I will celebrate the joy/pleasure that came out of it.  Photography is one of the things that I discovered and it became my escape from the negativity that I was feeling.  It also, over time, made me realize just how strong I really was.  I am now 12 years free of cancer.
  2. How did someone help me when I needed help?  This is a bit difficult since I rarely share my bad times with other.  But I will have to say my cousin Nikki help more with her words of encouragement when it was needed most.
  3. I am altering this slightly to what is my inspiration for photography.  Life around me is my inspiration.  Every moment is an opportunity to capture moments to reflect on later.

My 3 questions for all that wish to participate:

  1. Why did you become a blogger?
  2. Outside of your family and friends what inspires you to continue to move forward?
  3. If you we granted one wish to do something over what would it be?

Make sure you send a link to my page so that I can review your responses.

Thanks in advance to all that participate.

OBX Sunrise

  OBX Sunrise-My dad and Ebony enjoying the sunrise and a stroll in the ocean.



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