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A Change is Coming

Fall is fast approaching. Here in the US fall officially starts on September 23.

Some of the leaves have started to change already.

I do LOVE the color changes with the leaves that the fall season brings, but I don’t like that it represents winter is not to far away.

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Shadow Dancing



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WP Photo Challenge: Depth (of Field)

For this weeks WP Challenge Depth, I decided to do Depth of Field (DOF).  Wikipedia has a lot of information on DOF (Wikipedia DOF) 

How I understand DOF is when a particular part of the photo is in focus but the rested is out of focus or blurry.

Here are a few shots that I took today to show Depth of Field (DOF).

To see more interpretations of Depth click here!

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New Brooklyn Lake

New Brooklyn Lake this picture was taken about 8 years ago.  The lake does not look like this anymore.  Tomorrow I will get an updated picture of the lake as long as weather permits.

Sunset at New Brooklyn Lake

Sunset at New Brooklyn Lake


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Dueling Birds?

A few pictures of Cranes (I think) from a visit back in 2010 to the  Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

In the first picture it looks like they are getting ready for a duel.


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Throw Back Thursday


Which do you prefer Color......

Which do you prefer Color……

......or black and white?

……or black and white?


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Wordless Wednesday

 Love Tree

Have you ever carved your name into a tree to declare your love for someone?

Love Tree 1

Love Tree 1

Love Tree 2

Love Tree 2

Love Tree 3

Love Tree 3

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About three years ago we took my nieces and nephew to a pumpkin farm in Mt.Laurel NJ.  After reviewing all the pictures of the pumpkins I feel that this picture turned out even better that the pumpkins did.

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Brunch a la carte


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The Paintworks – Gibbsboro NJ

On a minor detour for my Side Street Sunday post I went to the former location of Lucas Paints affectionately called “The Paintworks” of Gibbsboro New Jersey.  Looking up some of the history shows that the Lucas’ searched most rivers east of the Mississippi to find a lake that had the least amount of minerals in it and found that Silver Lake was perfect for his paint making needs.

Although they did not know it at the time the making of lead based paint contaminated the lake.  Over the years the lake was cleaned and turned into a beautiful park with a walking/running trail.


In camera black & White with edits in SnapSeed.

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No Bull Here

While on a ride to Vineland NJ we passed a farm today.  On this particular farm there was this white and black cow that seemed to be the leader of the herd.  Wherever she went the black cows followed.


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