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Yes the Kitchen Door

I look at my front door a minimum of 2x’s daily and I hate the boring gray color.  So today i purchased some paint.  Ruby Red Slipper and Toasted Wheat (a creamy yellow).  I chose 2 colors because I figured I am in the country and nobody cares what your door looks like and I want it to be different and inviting.

When I painted the first part of the door red it was not as red as I wanted or even close to what was on the card, but it was “OK”.  I still continued and finished painting it red.  Then I painted the inside of the door the creamy yellow.  When I finished the first coat it immediately reminded me of a kitchen door.


This is when I first moved in and nothing was done to the outside.



Screen door removed soon to be replaced. Does this look like a kitchen door?

Be honest does the door look like it should be in a kitchen?   What color do you suggest?  I am also thing of change the window boxes to 1 per window.  Not sure if I like it with 2.  Whats your opinion on this?


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