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The Approach

As a summer storm made its approach you could see the contrast in the sky. Half of it was still sunny and bright and the other half was dark and raging.

In my area it rained for about 30 minutes which was enough time for about 800 homes and businesses in the next town to lose power for a little over 2 hours.

All power has been restored and the humidity levels have drastically dropped.

Fingers crossed that the humidity levels will not return right away.

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Contrast….Another Storm Is A Brewing

This weeks Photo Challenge is Contrast

As I make my way home from work this evenings the sky

starts to do some major changes.  Half of the sky is clear and the rest is

gray andabout to let loose on us down here on the ground.

It seem that we are being starting to get hit by Hurricane Arthur.








Lucky of us we only got a few sprinkles.


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