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Side Street Sunday (4)

Yesterday I decided to take my Sunday drive a day earlier.  I am glad that I did as the weather here in New Jersey today is a bit dreary and not a great outdoor picture-taking day.

I ventured again into Cherry Hill and went to the Scarborough Covered Bridge. Which is not far from the Barclay Farms that I visited last Sunday for Side Street Sunday (3).

The Scarborough Covered Bridge was built February 14, 1959.

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Baby or not?

I found these tiny pinecones on my Side Street Sunday drive yesterday when I ventured to Barclay Farms.

I have never see them so small and I believe they are fully mature.



You can see the enormous difference between the two. This little one is just a fraction of the size.


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Side Street Sunday (3) continued

More pictures from my Side Street Sunday (3).

This was a good day inspite the fact that I lost the glasses that I just purchased on Saturday and of course no insurance covers lost glasses.

I imagine that these will be some of the last pictures of the changing colors of the leaves as fall is almost over and winter will soon be upon us.




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Side Street Sunday (3)

Today for my Side Street Sunday ride I decided to venture in the neighboring town of Cherry Hill into a housing development called Barclay Farms.

I have driven past this street daily for a complete years when I worked in the area but I never had a need to go down this particular street.

Once in the housing development I discover that this is a historic community.  There is a historic farm-house that made the national registry back in 1978.  It also includes a park with a walking trail that is about 3/4 of a mile in length.

They even have a community garden.  Most of the plants in the garden were dying for the coming winter months but there were still a few blooming plants.







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