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The other day I wanted to take some pictures of the local ducks. So I take a ride to one of the ponds close to my house and add soon as I pull up to the pond the Ducks start to race for my car. They were looking for some free food. 


I never went to this particular pond before so I did not realize that it was a requirement to bring food.  Needless to say I was empty handed.  Since there were so many ducks I decided that it would be best to pay for the pictures that I wanted to take. 

I go to the local convenience store and buy some crackers.

When I returned the Ducks were still waiting for me.  They must be used to this routine. 

After I fed them some crackers they allowed me to take they’re pictures. 


They even posed for me. 



I think this duck, who I affectionately will call Marvin, was flirting with me so he could get more food thrown his way.
PS. I think these are actually Canadian Geese but not positive.

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