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Side Street Sunday (4)

Yesterday I decided to take my Sunday drive a day earlier.  I am glad that I did as the weather here in New Jersey today is a bit dreary and not a great outdoor picture-taking day.

I ventured again into Cherry Hill and went to the Scarborough Covered Bridge. Which is not far from the Barclay Farms that I visited last Sunday for Side Street Sunday (3).

The Scarborough Covered Bridge was built February 14, 1959.

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Roanoke Island, NC

Today is my last day here in Outer Banks.  Time to pack up and get ready for the 8-10 drive back to NJ with a 1 and 8-year-old (this is fun!).  I hope the traffic is light and we make it back in record time.

Since it is the last day I decided to take a ride and explore other parts of the Island.  I drove out to Roanoke Island.  Roanoke is where the first settlers landed way back in the late 1500’s.  (Click here for some history.) This was formerly part of Virginia.

I went to the William B. Umstead Memorial Bridge and there was some nice scenery just waiting to be photographed.



I like how the roots from this tree twist and intertwine with the next one. I wonder how old this tree was here before it died.


Another view of the tree.

William B. Umstead Memorial Bridge



Not sure of he name of this bridge.







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