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WP Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

For this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds, I chose a picture that was taken back in 2010 in Cape May NJ at sunset.


Cape May NJ - Black n White

Cape May NJ – Black n White

Cape May NJ

Cape May NJ

Which do you prefer, the black and white version or color?

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Before and After Challenge

Here are 4 photos (2 originals and 2 edited).  All edits done in Snap Seed on my cell phone.  I can use Photo Shop however on a scale of 1-10 my skill level is a generous 3.  So by default I use Snap Seed to do the edits.

I would like to challenge/invite anyone that is good with edits in Photoshop, Lightroom or any other editing program to improve on my photos.  I would like to see what they can become.

Let me know if you want the original JPEG file (I know RAW is best) and I will email it to you.


Original – No Edits

Edit & cropped with snapseed

Edited & cropped with snap seed

Original - No Edit

Original – No Edit

Edited with Snap Seed

Edited and cropped with Snap Seed

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