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Photo 101 assignment #6: Connect & Tags

The first image is one that I posted before but I did a little more editing to it as I thought that it was too dark.  Let me know if you think this is better than the original.



The original image was a in-camera conversion.  I am learning that I prefer to do the conversion myself as I have more control.

My second image for “connect” I used an escalator.  It is not a literal connection but it is a way to connect to our destination.  In my case to a train then home.

Connection 2

Connection 2


Original – no edits


The second part of the assignment is “tags”.  I already tag and most times I am sure I over tag so for this post I have used less and will try to heed the warning about using too many tags.

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Our Blizzard

For the past couple of days the news stations predicted that we would get 6-12 inches of snow.  Well needless to say they were incorrect.

Here is a picture from balcony showing the snow drift.

No Edits

Original – No Edits (1)

SnapSeed Edits with about 60% HDR effects

SnapSeed Edits with about 60% HDR effects (2)

SnapSeed edits with about 60% HDR effects converted to back & white

SnapSeed edits with about 60% HDR effects converted to back & white (3)

Which do you prefer?


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Side Street Sunday (6) – Part 1 – Black & White

Today’s Side Street Sunday post was not taken on a new road but on a road that I frequently travel.

I like to take this road because of the railroad tracks.  I like to imagine the different place that the conductor has steered his train.

Have you every imagined (only the good stuff) being a Hobo back in the day?  Stealing a ride on board one of the freight cars?  Where would you go?  Would you always live your life as a Hobo forever travelling and seeing the country or would you just like to get to a new place to start ?

The pictures were all done black and white in camera (rich tone Mono) no edits.


There was this machine on the tracks that I have seen before bu can only assume that it helps keep the tracks straight and remove the debris.


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