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Dueling Birds?

A few pictures of Cranes (I think) from a visit back in 2010 to the  Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

In the first picture it looks like they are getting ready for a duel.


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WP Photo Challenge: Minimalist


I took this photo while on vacation in Outer Banks,  NC (OBX), back in August of this year.

On one of my drives to nowhere,  I came across this little beach by one of the bridges that connect the island.

While exploding the area I came across these flip flops.   Some young lady (assuming) left then on the beach.

I belive that they are a good representation of this week’s theme, Minimalist

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WP Photo Challenge: Adventure


While vacationing on OBX island (Outer Banks,  North Carolina) it was always an adventure to get up each morning with my father at 5:45 am and walk the beach with his other 2 children,  Bojangels and Ebony to watch the sun rise

Most of the time I sat and took hundreds of pictures.


Another venture that interest me is working on post processing of the pictures that I have taken. 

Below are two versions of the above picture that I edited on my phone using Snapseed. 



The 2nd picture is edited with HDR effects and the 3rd one is converted to black and white with HDR effects.

Which do you prefer?

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Sand Crabs



Sand Crab




Cleaning the sand out of his house

Bubbles and Flips

My niece Caila enjoying her turn with the bubbles.





The great capture of the day.







WP Photo Challenge: Silhouette (1)

Today’s sunrise in OBX, Outer Banks, North Carolina.




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WP Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

WP Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin


Carlito & Monarch Butterfly
My nephew catching butterflies


A Stroll Down the Beach - Cape May NJ (B&W)
Brother and sister strolling on the beach….PRICELESS
Empty sneakers on the beach

Empty sneakers on the beach

 Running on the beach....Oh so fun!!

Running on the beach….Oh so fun!!

Photo Excursion – Con’t

On our recent trip to Cape May a few weeks ago to try to see the butterfly migration we made a little side trip to the beach.  Once we got there my niece Caila wanted go swimming, had to tell her no swimming in October. But how can you go to the beach without at least getting your feet.  So I let her put her feet in the ocean and then I had a great idea, just to take pictures of her feet.

It was different because then you did not have to worry trying to get her to have a “natural” or “happy” expression on her face.


Childhood innocence.  This day brought back memories of when I was a child and my mother would take us to Atlantic City and walk the boardwalk. This was before the casinos came to town…LOL

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Photo Excursion

Our photo excursion to Cape May NJ. 

 My nieces, nephew and I took a long ride yesterday thru the country of South Jersey. We stopped by a lake that had a lot of ducks just resting on the water. 

This is the first time that I let the little ones actually take pictures of what they saw (training future photographers).   They are fascinated by the amount of ducks that were there. 


After the lake we made our way to The Point at Cape May, NJ.  For an October day it was rather warm.  We felt a bit over dressed for the beach.  We took tons of pictures.  The kids decided to take a little stroll down the beach (they look so sweet together).

During this time of year the Monarch Butterflies make their annual migration to the south.  Since we got there a little late in the day, we did not get to see butterflies but what we did see was beautiful.


My nephew Carlito was able to get one on a small flower that he held.

Watch out America here are a few of the “Up and Coming Photographers”

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