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Unit 1 – Aperture

As some of you know I started a photography course with NYIP in December.  I have completed Unit 1 with a B on the final test.  I now have to complete the 2 assignments.  The first one is aperture.  I must depict 2 images, one with a shallow depth of field and one with a great depth of field.  The 2 images below are for shallow depth of field but I am debating on which image to submit.

These images are straight out of the camera.

So I ask you for your assistance, which you think I should submit?  Or do you think I should try again?



When I edit the image it will be cropped and straightened only.



When I edit the image it will be cropped and straightened only.


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Basic Photography Class 2 – Aperture

I ventured to the Grounds for Sculpture (aka Sculpture Garden) in Hamilton New Jersey for the first time.  The garden was beutiful.  I took over 400 pictures to put to use some of the things that I learned in my second class in basic photography.

The lesson this week was on Aperture  or F Stop.  When others tried to explain this to me it was hard to comprehend what they were talking about.  It was as if they were speaking another language and in actuality, they were.

Since I first got a Sony Alpha I have only used the preset settings and attempted to venture into manual but had no clue what I was doing or what effect I was attempting to create.  This class explained it rather simply.

The teachers first instruction was to read the section in the manual about aperture.  Although the manual was in layman’s terms, it was still like reading broken english.  I understood some and not quite others.

She made it even more simple and straight forward by explaining the higher your F top the less blur you will have.  The lower the F Stop the more blur you will have.

Our first assignment was to go out and play with the F Stop on the same image to see the change. Here are some of my subjects.


More sculpture pics to follow!

Let me know what ya think!

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