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Fungus Friday 11

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Its A Community Thing

Blogging is about sharing with the community.  If you don’t want to interact with others then why blog?

Flamingos - Philadelphia Zoo

Flamingos – Philadelphia Zoo

Flamingos - Philadelphia Zoo

Flamingos – Philadelphia Zoo

The 3rd assignment for Blogging 101 is to learning your community by following more topics in the reader and find new blogs to follow.  Choosing which blogs to following was easy and hard at the same time.  Most every blog that I clicked on could have gained a new member of their community.

Here are 5 blogs that I decided to follow (I am sure I will go back and follow some more).

1. R. Flanagan Photography

2. Jess Clifton Photography

3. Flowing Through Mountains

4. Yi Ching Lin Photography


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Do I change or stay the same

Todays assignment for Blogging 101 is to revise the tagline.  Personally I like my tagline “A peek into my Soul”.  I feel that it goes with my title and what I am about since I believe that each photo represents a piece of my soul that was saved since I found photography.

Take a look at the “Who I am” post from yesterday to see the direction that I ultimately want to take my blog to and let me know what suggestions you may have for changing the tagline or if you think it is GREAT as it is let me know that too.

All post must have a picture or two so here are some shots of two miniature Orchids that I treated myself to.

The third photo also shows “Depth” for this weeks WP Photo Challenge.


Who I am

I have signed up for the Blogging 101 course and the first assignment is to introduce myself and explain why I blog.

I am a laid back easy-going woman in my late 40’s who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2000 and again in 2003.  I am a survivor now for sightly over 11 years.  Between diagnosis, treatments and life my mind was on over load with a lot of negative thoughts.

During this time I treated myself to a camera and began snapping away.  I viewed each picture as a small piece of my soul that was saved.  As long as I was taking pictures I wasn’t thinking those negative thoughts again.  It was a time of peace.  

In May of 2011 Reflections for MY Soul the blog was born.  It was initially for uplifting quotes, positive thoughts and the occasional gentle vent session with a photo or 2 sprinkled in there somewhere. This went on for just under 3 years with roughly 20 post made during this time.

April 2014 I set my mind to truly get into this blogging thing.  I have posted and additional 240 post with all of them centered on photography, since that is what saved my Soul.    

The goal is for Reflections for My Soul blog to work hand in hand with Reflections for My Soul the book (a work in progress).  Eventually I would like to open this blog or another so that others can share how they were able to save their soul when they were facing a medical crisis.




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