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Frogs Aplenty

While checking out the garden and seeing the devastation that the groundhog did, i noticed a bunch of black things hopping around.

Initially I thought they were crickets but on closer inspection I see it is a bunch of baby frogs!

Have you seen anything interesting lately?

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Open For Suggestions

Last week I actually caught the groundhog in my garden and was able to see how he got in and out. I fixed that hole with more fencing and checked the perimeter for and other slight openings. No others where found.

Since I believe that all is now good, Friday I go and buy some string beans and peas and plant those in the garden.

Saturday and Sunday everything looks good, everything is fine.

This evening I go to water the garden and I am hurt….my string beans, soinach, brussell sprouts and peas are gone!

On a good note…my birdhouse gourds, tomatoes, carrots, onion, and several varieties of peppers are doing GREAT!

Birdhouse gourd is vining nicely and has its first flower.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this groundhog without killing it?

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