Hanging by a Nail

Squirrels are strong creatures.  This common Eastern Gray Squirrel is hanging upside down on my bird feeder only by his/her toe.


I was able to sit approximately 8 feet from them just watch  squirrels climbing up and down the feeder.   They are fascinating and at times annoying creatures.

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  1. Wow! A great capture!

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  2. Great shot. We have plenty of squirrels here. Some even walk on the window sill of my study. Too quick. I never have time to grab my phone… Darn.

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  3. Another exciting out door photo Robin. I guess the closure of the beauty parlors and nail salons did not cut into this squirrel’s life style. Thank you for haring. By the way what do you feed your birds? I have seeds in my feeder and was using shelled peanuts ( which the birds detested) because as soon as I put out a fresh batch of the seeds and peanuts the birds threw them out of the feeder. How’s that for gratitude?

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    • THANK YOU!…Lol ..I never heard of giving birds peanuts. They should have been polite and not thrown them out😊

      I get seeds from Lowe’s or Walmart. Generally it is a mixed bag of different seeds. This last bag I got from Lowe’s it’s called ‘Hello Birds-starter food”. It doesn’t have many sunflower seeds that the larger birds seen too like but it’s ok.


    • Well i checked the feeder today and all the food is on the ground. They don’t like this mix too much. Going back to the Walmart one. Will let you know what it is called when i get it.


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