Squeaky Clean

I am at it again.

Since I was growing luffa sponges in my garden I realized that I have too many (7 larges ones and 1 really small one) to use myself and needed to find something to do with them.

So now have a new hobby…Soap making.  If you have not realized by now I must stay busy.

This is another thing that I thought was easier than it actually is.  It is not rocket science but you need accurate measurements, timing, and GREAT equipment.

So far I have made 3 batches, the first 2, although technically correct, did not come out looking good or what I envisioned.

Batches 1 and 2…..The soap on the left was mixed with red and blue color which should have made purple. I do not know how it became green. The soap on the right was suppose to have a slightly darker shade of green but it is more pastel and there is a yellow layer that is barely visible. The shorter soap on the end is just left overs.

Batch 3

This peachy colored on is the batch that I made Monday evening.  There are tiny air bubbles in it but other than that it came out pretty good.


Thanks for visiting!


PS – I apologize for not responding to recent comments I will be answering very soon.


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  1. Looks like work, but fun. I used to make soap with my grandmother when I was young. Here’s an article from the Albuquerque Journal you might find interesting:

    Donovan had his soap store around the corner from my office for a year. I don’t know if he moved or just closed up shop, but that space has been empty for months now.

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  2. I have a friend that makes and sells soap, she really enjoys it.

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  3. Looks good. What fragrances are you using? (No soap without some fragrance…)


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