Kairo the Amazing

This morning with my cats, Kairo and Greyson, it was another uneventful morning as usual. I feed them, cleaned the litterbox, and proceed to get ready for work.

As I am getting my clothes ready I hear this noise and when I look up this is what I see….

I think I just figured out what to add to my project list for the winter months….some sort of ledge so the cats cat get up really high.

My family will really start to call me the “Cat Lady” then.

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  1. I love that! Cats really are amazing! A little excitement in an otherwise uneventful morning. 🙂


  2. You need stairs on the wall for them to climb, ledges to hang out on, and hammocks suspended from the ceiling for them to lounge in. I even installed an old telephone pole for our cats to climb and claw on. They love it.

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  3. I had one cat as a kid who got on top of the door to the stairway. He just balanced on the top and watched what was going on below him. He is a beautiful cat!

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