Unable to Produce

I have 2 types of tomatoes planted, Juliet’s and Beefsteak. Now the Juliet tomatoes are doing great. I have picked a bunch of tomatoes already and there are lots more still growing.

Now the beefsteak tomatoes were growing perfectly fine. The plant is nice and big with lots of limbs. It even started to flower. But no tomatoes ever formed. Now all the leaves have started to curl. All leaves are still green, no sign of bugs or anything.

Do I need to cut it down and start over or is there something I can do to save it?


Thanks for any suggestions you may have and of course for visiting!


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  1. Have you tried pruning as the plant grows? I hope you discover a solution.🙂

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  2. Times like this I wish my Mom was still around, she would know the answer to that question. She could grow anything. Good luck!

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  3. Your tomatoes look great. Now leaves curling means an illness of some kind. Do they have vets for plants? 😉

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