Eyes Wide Shut

Today I went to a local nursery called Pope’s Garden. My goal was to get some pictures of flowers for my Flower of the Day post.

I pictured of some great flowers that I hope to add to my collection soon.

A great surprise was waiting for me…4 BABY BIRDS and one unhatched egg.

They must have recently hatched as their eyes were just these big black spots on sort tiny fragile bodies.

Their bodies are laying on top of each other’s so it’s a little hard to see the 4th one.

The owner of Pope’s Garden says that they are baby Wrens.

Thanks for visiting I hope you enjoyed my surprise too!

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  1. We’ve loads of baby birds in the garden, making quite a racket. It’s always fun to watch their progress.

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    • Last year I had a bird make a nest in my mailbox.. that was very inconvenient. We had to approach the mailbox slowly and never stand directly in front of it when getting mail.

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  2. Such fuzzy little babies!

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  3. A wren is American for magpie?

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  4. Got it. We call it troglodyte. very small. Nice birds.

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