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Since June 15th I have been working on another project, a deck with a trellis on top.

I completed the deck over the first weekend but was trying to find someone, at a reasonable price, to dig the holes and put in the post.  the average price that I received was $250.00.  I was not gonna pay that for 8 post (also need 4 for a fence).

So after trying to get my nephews to help out I decided to try and tackle it myself.  I DID IT.  It was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Due to cost of the wood I am not able to put up the trellis at this time.  Instead I ordered a shade sail from Amazon that was suppose to be delivered today.

In all the years that I have ordered from Amazon this is the first time that I did not get my order by their stated date.  I will post a picture once the shade sail finally gets here.

Thought for today:  Conquer what intimidates you.

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  1. Well done, I’m sure it’ll look fab when it’s finished.

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  2. What a nice outdoor space! Good job!

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  3. You never stop do you? 🙂 You remind me of my brother. He’s bought a little house in the country, in Normandy and he’s always fixing things up. It’s nice that you have a good piece of land with the house, so you can have a garden, a terrace… This deck will be great. Compliments Robin.

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