What you talking about Willis

This Cardinal refused to pose for me. He was either giving me a side eye look or turning around and giving me his backside.

But then I get this….

When I looked at the image it brought back a memory from a childhood TV show, Different Strokes. When Arnold always ask Willis “what you talking about?`.

Do any of you remember that show?

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  1. Timothy Price

    Beautiful bird. It’s frustrating when they won’t hold still for even a moment.

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  2. Lovely photos! I suspect he was just teasing you. Never heard of the tv show but assume it’s a US one which didn’t make it across the pond.

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  3. Lovely bird and sometimes the non posed pics turn out the best. And yes we loved that show! Perfect caption! 😉

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  4. I love the picture. And yes, it does look like Arnold talking to his brother. I can’t recall the actor’s name… last I heard he was doing mall security I think.

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