What A Difference

In my garden I ran out of space in one of the raised beds that I was putting my cabbage in so I put the last two in a container and used differennt soil, Miracle-Gro Organics. What a difference!

Now I started both plants as seeds so they are the same “age”.

Look how big the leaves are on the one that had the Miracle-Gro Organics! I will continue to use this product for all future plantings.

Unfortunately Mr. Gerald Goph-Hog had a nice meal with the other beautiful cabbage…oh and I found out he lives under my deck.

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  1. Wow, must get some Miracle Grow!


  2. Sounds like your gopher found a place with location, location, location. I hope he leaves some produce for you.

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  3. Great results. “Gerald” lives with the snake? OMG.


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