Gardening With the Grands

This year I decided to start a vegetable garden. My initial intention was only to try my luck with luffa gourds but that grew into birdhouse gourds other vegetables.

I have carrots (which some critters ate all the tops off), cabbage, tomatoes, onions, corn, red skinned potatoes, white potatoes & sweet potatoes, peas, string beans and watermelon.

I am finding that gardening is more work than I thought but I do enjoy it. Another time for some peace of mind.

Arai has been asking to help in the garden so I got him and my other grand-kids, his friends, (all the little kids call me mom-mom) to help plant some corn seedlings.

My peas have begun to bloom

First Bloom of the season

More images to follow in the coming days.

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  1. Nothing nicer than home-grown veg.

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  2. Looks like a lovely vegetable garden. And I am sure it’s plenty of work. It always grows on one, doesn’t it.

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  3. Nice looking garden. I love fresh peas from the garden, so good!

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  4. Wow, the grandkids are getting big! How nice to see pictures of them. Enjoy your time with them and the garden.


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  5. Love the article Robin. Gardening is especially educational when you have your grandchildren helping and asking you the type of questions you never even imagined. One questioned I had was: “where do the earth worms go ?” Never thought of that one.

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  6. How fun to garden with children….awesome post! Kids are adorable!😉❤️️

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  7. The garden must be fascinating for all the kids. (Love the “mom-mom” name. I had forgotten about that)


  8. Thank you for this post! This brought me back to when I was in the garden with my Grandmother. I thought it was so special as to what she was able to do in the garden! I too now have the love of gardening! This is something that your grand children will always remember you and all you have done. Stay blessed and happy Robin!

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    • Thank you JJ. I do hope they they remember the good times with me and not just the fussy moments… lol I am glad that my post made you think on good times with your grandmother.

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  9. I love gardening with grandkids.

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  10. What happened with the loufa gourds?? I want to try them soo bad. I like your raised beds, too. They are very simple but practical and earthy.


    • The luffa gourds are slow growers. They have just gotten to over 6 feet but have not flowered yet. Once the start to flower (I am unpatienly waiting)I will l post some pictures. Thanks!

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  11. Reblogged this on GODs Team! Be encouraged. and commented:
    Teaching your kids good things such as how to be able to feed themselves off of the land is a good thing.

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