Natures Teacups?

After seeing my grandson off to school (kindergarten now!) I took a little stroll around my yard. When I look at my last remaining flowers I notice a bunch of brown things all over the place.  I think they are mushrooms.  When you look in the 2nd photo it looks like little eggs and some of them hatched.



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  1. Obviously magical mushrooms. 🤔 🍄

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  2. How curious. I’ve not seen anything like these.

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  3. Super cool! I wonder what they are…

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  4. The endless treasures of a garden. You must be quite happy to have moved to your magic house.
    Have a nice week-end Robin

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  5. Very interesting looking … wonder what they are?

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  6. Ooo never seen anything like them!


  7. These are very neat looking! I think they may be ‘flash cups’.


  8. Love the photos Robin. Quite the creative imagination. Thanks for sharing.

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