Today I Smiled

Today was a bit frustrating as I made an error at work dealing with others pay. The issue is resolved but I do not like making mistakes especially when it involves money and other people.

When I got home I regrouped by vegetating on the sofa watching some random TV show. Then my grandson handed me some mail. At first all I see is a bill then another bill, then there is this shiny square envelope with unfamiliar hand writing. When I turn it over I see it is from France! Then I smiled! It’s from Brian.

I met Brian here on WordPress about 3 years ago and I feel that if we were to ever meet in person we would be true friends.

Thank you Brian for making me smile and taking a bit of time out of your vacation to find this card for me.

If you haven’t already been to Brian’s blog go check it out and enjoy some of his travels with “Scotty”.

Thanks for visiting everyone!

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  1. Sorry about your bad day, hopefully today is better! I love when little unexpected surprises happen, like your card from a friend. So cool! 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful story. It is so great meeting people through the Internet. It makes this place small and connected. Thank you for sharing his page. What beautiful photos.

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  3. So glad you got a little bit of sunshine in the mail… internet friends are wonderful!

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  4. My pleasure Robin. I wanted to find a non-cliché card. This one had a nice art with an unusual angle. Be good my friend, and don’t worry, mistakes do happen, though they are aggravating when they affect coworkers. Good thing is it seems to be solved.

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