He’d Rather Be….

My grandson, Arai, has been a bit under the weather the last couple of days with a cold and asthma acting up again.  Instead of him resting like his mother said, he’d rather be out in the snow with me taking pictures.  He did not care that he had his pajama shorts on and his shoes on the wrong feet he was determined that he was going out.

I had to convince him that if he was better tomorrow we will go out and play in the snow.


We are experiencing a winter wonderland. The new says that it could be as much as 12 inches.

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  1. A fab photo Robin. Shoes on the wrong feet! LOL. He does love the outside doesn’t he?
    I think of you guys as little Gonzalo is nearing his second birthday. Grandchildren are a blessing. Y’all be good.

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    • Thank you Brian! Yes he does he too is itching for spring to really be here. So much yard work too do.

      Gonzo will be 2 in May right? I think we have been talking since Arai was about that age. He will be 6 this year. Grandkids are truly a blessing… most of the time lol

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