Today I had to take care of some business and needed to go to Camden, New Jersey.  When I finished, I took a little ride to a park where I photographed this water tower with the city name on it “Camden”.



I researched the city name and found out there are 23 other towns/cities in the United States, 3 in New Zealand, 1 in South Africa, United Kingdom, Bermuda and Australia with the name of Camden .    In total the are 30 towns/cities with the name Camden across this big world of ours.

I am entering this into this week’s Daily Post Challenge as I would rather be exploring Camden in another state or country to see how the are the same or different from Camden,  New Jersey.


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  1. Camden is a quirky part of London:) #wpc

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  2. I lived in the London Borough of Camden as a child. It’s an area of London so not really a town or city itself but you took me back to my childhood mentioning the name. Walks along the canals, walking through Primrose Hill to school and cycling through Regents Park.


  3. The Camden in Michigan is not too far from me.

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  4. Camden in London is an interesting place to visit. When I lived there I used to love going to the Camden Passage market on Saturdays; antiques, nick nacks, interesting stuff.

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  5. Try Camden Road in London. A weird, great street. 🙂

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