What Would You Ask??

For the past 10 years (or more) I have been working on a book called “Reflections for My Soul”.  This book shows the emotions that I experienced while dealing with a Stage 1 Breast Cancer diagnosis at the age of 34 and then again at 37 and how I was able to save my “soul/sanity” through photography.  This blog was created to go along with the book.

I finished the book so many times and I never seem to be able to move forward to the publishing phase.  It never seemed “good enough”, or it was  “too sad” or “pictures aren’t perfect”.  There was always a reason as to why it did not truly get finished.

I have vowed that I will be publishing “Reflections for My Soul”  no later that January 2018.  In order for me to keep this vow I need your help.  You ask how can you help? Well that is easy.  What I need are questions that you would ask or were hesitant to ask a person going through and surviving a health threat.  No question is to invasive or irrelevant.

“Reflections for My Soul” will not be a pity party type of book but one that shows how I saved my soul/sanity through photography.

Once I get your questions I will answer them within my story and hopefully have one or two of you to review it and give me your opinion on things to change or to let me know it works.

Please bring on the questions!

As always thank you for visiting!


ps I hope you like my experiment into still life.

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  1. I think this is such a good idea for a book. So sorry to hear that you had to go through cancer 2x, but how cool to find out how photography helped you through your dark times. I will think some about your questions and get back to you! Congrats for writing the book! I believe you will impact people with your story.

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  2. Keep going, Robin!
    Get a professional editor to read your first draft and give an expert opinion on what needs to be changed and – as important – what is of great value to your reader and should not be changed. This service should be very affordably priced and you may already have blogger friends who offer it.

    My question: Looking back, what do you wish your friends and neighbours did more of/less of/differently to support you?

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    • Thank you Cynthia!!

      I did not think of having an actual editor and something that I did briefly look into when I first saw your comment. The pricing does seem very reasonable from upwork.com.

      This is a good question. I did touch on this a bit but I think I will elborate on it some more.

      Thanks again.

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  3. I was diagnosed at 36 with breast cancer and am now a 14 year survivor. I think the one question two people asked me that kind of shocked me was “Did you make out your will?” I never even thought about it… it was cancer, we were doing chemo and radiation and it would be fine. Congratulations on beating back the beast. Live each day grateful you have them! (((HUGS)))

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  4. I’m not sure I have a question. I feel that I know you “enough” to understand what you went through, and above all, how you went through it. I suspect it’s Love of Life. Love of your family. I also suspect you are the binding power in your family. And that may have played a role. Ok. So if you want a question, what thoughts/behaviours helped you most during that experience? I was actually thinking YOUR thoughts or behaviours, but it may have been soemthing someone said or did. 😉


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