The thief is back..and he has a partner!

A couple of weeks ago I photographed a squirrel “stealing” bird seed that I put out.  Now yesterday I finally catch him again and this time there are two of them.  The one on the feeder takes some seeds and makes sure to drop some for his partner in crime below.  As a result my flowers are being trampled and breaking off.

On Instagram it was suggested that I get a new feeder with a spinner on it to keep the squirrels away.  Well Wal-Mart did not have any when I went so I go something that I thought would work.  It did not



I will be on the hunt for a bird feeder with a spinner on it.  Get ready for some funny videos.


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  1. Cute and fuzzy until they take up residence in your attic. They don’t bother going outside to, er, ahhhh, eliminate. We all love birds and want to “help” them but invest in a Hav-A-Heart trap and send the furry thieves out to the forest.

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  2. Cute captures, Robin! I finally got a squirrel buster feeder. 🙂 🙂

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  3. Yikes! I just throw a handful of bird seed out over the lawn and the birds come in droves. They see the front door open on mornings or my car drive up in the evening and they are ready to swoop down on me! But the poop all over my car and plants and front steps is not pretty! All that to say supporting nature can be challenging. Loved your post tho; the squirrels may be thieves but they are still too cute!

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  4. Lol I dont want to be attacked. Yes I agree they all need food but the squirrels are killing my flowers. I have to make a plan B.


  5. Guy’s a squirrel for sure. Sounds like 50’s Film Noir.

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  6. Squirrels are God’s creatures too. I put seeds out for the birds too and some of the day there are four squirrels that come to eat. I would rather have them than the black birds that eat until there is nothing left for the pretty birds. Sometimes the rabbits even get in the feeder and once during a really nasty winter we had a cat sitting in there eating. Of course, we put other food out for the cat. I now have three different feeders and I watch them all come to eat.

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