Field Station: Dinosaurs

I first heard about Field Station Dinosaurs about 2 years ago.  So today my family and I decided to go and check it out.  The reviews online were so so but I took the chance any way.  I am glad that I was not influenced by some of the reviews.

Field Sation: Dinosaurs is a good place to visit and perfect for children 8 and under and adults who are still children at heart.  We had a GREAT time.

Here are just a few pictures.

Scientists believe that the horn on the Parasaurolophus made noise so that it could alert others of danger, mating, and possibly when it was in pain.


There are things for the kids to do for additional fun, some cost extra money and others do not.

I hope you enjoyed the dinosaurs and as always, thanks for visiting!



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  1. Timothy Price

    Great set of dinosaurs. When our daughter was 5 (over 25 years ago), the Natural History Museum had one of those moving Tyrannosaurus’s. The first time out daughter saw that moving T-Rex it scared the living daylights out of her. She decided she wanted to go back and face down that T-Rex, so we got into the car and during the 30 minute drive to the museum, our daughter blabbered on non-stop about how she was going to handle T-Rex. We got into the museum and she was just as scared of T-Rex as the first time. However, we mean old parents having had to listen to her go on and on about T-Rex for 30 minutes in the car told her to get out there and face down the monster and show it who’s boss. She was crying and shaking, but she finally faced it down. We would probably be jailed for child abuse if we did that today.

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    • Thank you Timothy! Great memory kids are something. Yes protective services would be on you for making her face her fears…such a shame.

      The little girl in the picture did the same thing, had a full meltdown entering the place. After a few minutes she was better but had to be carried. She finally warmed up and walked, at a distance of course, on her own. When she got home to her mother she said she was not scared at all…lol

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  2. I’ll be keeping this place in mind if I’m ever in New Jersey!

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