Water Drops

I am still taking the photography course with NYIP and gaining more confidence working in manual mode..  I took this photo the other day and I think it came out pretty good.

Settings:  Sony a65-SLTV, 60mm, OFC set 128 and 64 (not sure for this image), 1/200, F/7.1, 800 ISO.

Is there anything that I could have done differently to improve on this image?


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  1. Nice! Not sure that I would change anything.

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  2. It certainly did come out well!


  3. That is stunning! You should be really proud of it.

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  4. Why not continue taking PICTURES: they reflect your sensibility to life’s ebbs and flows. Your pictures captures that!

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  5. Nice Shot! very well executed…
    Since you wanted a feedback, probably the central water splash/globe could have been at slightly higher as its currently has some background distraction. The frame should be couple of degree to the left(rotation to right). Bit more close up to show things in detail. Are you sure its shot at 1/200? if so next time go faster say about 1/1000.

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    • Thank you and I appreciate the feed back.

      I double checked the settings and it is as follows: f/7.1, 1/200, 60mm, ISO800.

      When I went to 1/250 I got the black bar at the bottom of he frame. I will try this again this evening and hope for the best.

      Thanks again!


    • Hi Raj. I tried your suggestion to take the photo at about 1/1000 and it came out worse. 75% of the photo was black. Should I change any other settings on the camera (I did make adjustments to the f/stop and ISO)?


      • Oh.. definitely it will be underexposed if you just bump up the stutter speed. For every step you increase the shutter speed you need bring down the aperture. Try this, put the camera in aperture priority mode and set the aperture to smallest number (biggest aperture) now check the shutter speed you camera is giving. If its less than say 1/1000 sec, then you have to slowly raise your ISO, but don’t take ISO more than 1600 it will result in grainy picture(noise). Let me know what happens.

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  6. Might level it, looks a little to the right, just sayin

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    • Thank you! I will be trying this again this weekend. It needs to be more centered, as you sugested, and crisper. I hope to get it near perfect.


  7. Bravo. A well done photo. Thank you for sharing.

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