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My shadow also known as my grandson Arai, was helping me pull weeds in the flower bed today.  He wants to do what mom-mom is doing but his attention span needs to be a bit longer.  I did more calling him back to help me finish me then he actually worked.  He is a work in progress….




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  1. Teaching him all sorts of good things. Walks in the woods must be nice now?

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    • Yes I am and he is like a sponge absorbing everything. We were out in the woods a couple weeks ago, Almost time for another trip it seems to have been noon stop rainy days here lately.

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      • Sponge is correct. Little Gonzalo (a year next month) has now learned to point with his finger at “New” things. I just put up a few masks in my library, and he noticed right away. Babies and toddlers are marvelous.


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