It has finally come, March 31 2017 was my last day of work.  I have been laid off (this is a good thing).  Knowing that you are going to be laid off is mentally a hard thing to deal with.  It felt like I was asked for a divorce but I refused and kept coming back to see if they would change there mind.  It was hard to keep coming back each day.  Since I did not have a plan I came back each and everyday.  I am glad that it is finally over.

Now I can mentally debrief for a bit before I start looking for something new to do.

On a more positive note….this has been a great winter, only 2 maybe 3 real days of snow, temperatures have been above average and spring is officially finally here.

My first flower has bloomed!


Gardening work begins this week…..


As always thanks for visiting!


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  1. Best wishes for your next adventure. Great photo.

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  2. Everything happens for good. New opportunities are waiting for you.

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  3. Hi Robin. Well, well… I’m sorry for your work oasis.
    But then if they don’t value you they’re missing something big.
    I hope you are in good moods. Sometimes a change is good.
    I hope my comments by mail were useful. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt. And good luck to you. You will do fine I’m sure.
    Take good care of you.
    Your friend,

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