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I mentioned to my mother a while back that I wanted to start collecting old cameras and display them in my office.  Well, she has started the collection for me.  So far she has found 3 cameras and an old tripod in different thrift stores.  The first one is a Polaroid Land Camera Model 800 built from 1957 – 1962.  Click here to see a quick video showing how to operate this camera.

This is a very heavy camera.



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  1. I’ve got an old Brownie Hawkeye that’s a beauty. Old cameras are so cool! Your Polaroid is fantastic! Great find!

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  2. OH Wow!!!! Love it!! I found a Brownie at an antique shop, I can’t wait to get film for it. I too love collecting them.

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  3. How thoughtful of your mom. Nice. Those old cameras are getting prettier every day. 🙂

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  4. PS. I have just taken a shot of a vintage camera at my sister-in-law’s in Colombia. Will try to post it soon.

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  5. Timely post. I was at a shop this week and picked up a Brownie camera for $14 just because I remember it as a child. 🙂

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