Let Go My Lego!

Today I treated Arai to a set of Legos.  He has been having some rough days in daycare where he does not want to listen.  He prefers to do his own thing when he wants to do it regardless of what the teachers say.  So I tried to give him a little bribe so off to Walmart I went to find something special.  I know that he loves to build things so I got him a Legos a set.  This set has 583 pieces.

It kept him and Caila busy for 4 hours working to assemble the pieces.  I should have bought this a long time ago!  Another set is on his Christmas list.

Here are a few things that they built.


Arai with his castle that he designed all by himself! Such the proud young man.


This set included pieces to make these special projects.

Caila enjoyed herself as much as Arai did, she even said that she wanted a set for herself.


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  1. Kids are so creative. My grandkids love to build with them too. It’s nice to find something that holds their attention well.

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  2. My children are 13 and 15 and will still say “yes please” to lego (as shall I)!

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  3. 583 pieces? Wow!
    (We will have to wait a bit for little Gonzalo. Right he tries to eat everything.)
    Congrats to Arai and his castle…

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