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I got the word on Thursday that I am being laid off on March 31, 2017 just 131 days away and counting down.  In total nearly 1400 people are losing their jobs over an 14 month period.  I am part of the 2nd group to leave.  I knew it was possible since the company will not be servicing mortgage loans for a certain type of client any longer but I was hoping that I was in the 50% that was going to stay till the end or I chose otherwise.  They will be holding job fairs and helping us with updating our resumes, so hopefully I won’t be jobless come April 1st.

Staying positive and making light of the situation for now is how me and a few others are dealing with it.  One of the things that we are going to do is have a going away party of us and have some battery operated candles and as we leave someone will turn off our candle.  Kinda like the show Survivor.



This is Lake Worth. As a kid my mother would take us here to go swimming back in the early 70’s. It is now closed but I still have some good memories.

Thanks for visiting!

PS if you have any job leads in the South Jersey area let me know.


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  1. Sorry to hear the bad news… fingers crossed you find a great place to land. 😊

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  2. My best wishes, Robin. I hope something good comes along.

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  3. The best of luck to you Robin.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear this, Robin. That’s hard news to receive. I like your idea with the candles. Saying a prayer for all affected by the lay-offs, may you have favor and something better on the horizon.

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  5. Sorry to hear about the layoff, but I love your attitude about it. Keep it up and the party with the battery operated candles is a great idea!

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  6. Oh, Robin. Devastating news! So sorry to hear that. I think (reading between the lines) that you were very good at your job. So unfair. (And what about the work Oasis?). Now, April is still some time ahead. ‘Should give time to find something else. Some times bad turns can… (however cliché) become opportunities. Time to reconsider what you do. What you want to do. Have you done a SWOT on yourself?
    Any thing I can do to help, tell me. (Looking at your new résumé is one I will gladly do).
    Above all, keep faith.
    Your friend, B.


  7. With your skill set, I’m sure you’ll have lots of offers. Best wishes!

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