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The Nuts are Out!

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Change of the Color Guard


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Eminent Domain

Here in the United States we have a thing called Eminent Domain, which means that the local, state, or federal government can take a portion or all of your property if they want/need it. Usually they will give you market value for your property but that usually is not enough.

Looking at this leaf it appears that nature also exercises Eminent Domain.


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Is it really fall?

Some of you may have a couple of my earlier post when I was dreading the fall weather since it will start to get cold.  Well the weather here in NJ is anything but fall like.  Today we had temperatures in the 80’s and tomorrow we may even break the record if it reaches 86 degrees.

I haven’t taken many pictures at my workplace oasis in a while so since the weather was so nice I decided to take a few pictures.



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Shadow Dancing



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A little bit of warmth

This weekend was rainy and chilly due in part to Hurricane Matthew.  New Jersey made out pretty well.  Now one thing that it brought to us that I truly do not like is chilly weather.  Since there is nothing that I can do about, I decided to post a flower in memory of the spring and summer.

Hows the weather in your area?



As of this post spring is 160 days, 7 hours and 15 minutes away.


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Hanging Around


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Nostalgia – Remembering the Past

Remembering last vacation to North Carolina sitting on the beach with my father watching another beautiful sunrise.



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Boys and Their Toys

Today Robert and his friend came down to ride their 4×4’s in the trails by my house.  It just so happened that Arai was home and was finally able to get that long-awaited ride.


Got the riding face on

Got the riding face on


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