To be a kid again!



I am so glad that we moved out of that apartment.  Arai is such and outdoors kid.  He loves playing in water, collecting rocks of all sizes and colors,  and walking outside with no shoes.  If we let him he would be in just his underwear.


As a kid my two favorite things to do was to climb trees and ride my bike.  What did you enjoy doing as a kid?

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  1. Playing with my friends and a lot of times that included playing outside 🙂

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  2. One of my oldest friend had a barbie house. Cherished memories! Thanks for sharing a bit of yours!

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    • It is my pleasure. I had to play barbies by myself most times. I lived on a street with mainly boys. The 2 other girls were much older. I was and still am a a


  3. I also palyed with my two brothers, and neighborhood kids . We would all have a baseball game. Altho I was usually the cheerleader. Cherished memories.

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  4. I must be like Arai, I liked to swim and collect rocks 🙂

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  5. Being a youngster means running about barefoot in the backyard and enjoying an unconfined lifestyle. I am glad you made the move. Take care. Enjoy the day Robin. 🙂

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  6. That and swimming and exploring the woods nearby. In those godblessed days, children (8-10?) could disappear the entire day, we would carry a sandwich on our bikes, and nobody worried. 🙂

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