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To be a kid again!



I am so glad that we moved out of that apartment.  Arai is such and outdoors kid.  He loves playing in water, collecting rocks of all sizes and colors,  and walking outside with no shoes.  If we let him he would be in just his underwear.


As a kid my two favorite things to do was to climb trees and ride my bike.  What did you enjoy doing as a kid?

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Just a Bit of Attitude

I do not know why but I have a thing for bugs, insects and such.  My grandson Arai is aware of this so when every he sees a bug he calls me to take pictures of it.

Yesterday he saw a butterfly on my flowers and proceeded to tell me to come out “….Mom-mom come here there’s a white butterfly with a mole on it, hurry-up and be quite you don’t want to scare it…”.  He listens so well (when he wants to).



After this was taken he chose not to listen to his mother and was sent to “time-out”.  He was all attitude at that point.


But lucky for us, his attitudes do not last long.  Within 5 minutes we were back looking for more insects to photograph.

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Midday rest

Princeton Battlefield is now a place for of leisure, relaxing walks and tourist.





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