Greek Columns in NJ?

I rode past these columns a week ago but was not able to stop and take any pictures or find out why there are Greek columns in Princeton, New Jersey.

So Traci and I decided to take another ride up to Princeton to see what it is all about. It turns out this is all that remains of Mercer Manor.  Per the historian that we spoke with, the columns were originally in Philadelphia, PA but were moved to this location in Princeton around 1900 and name Mercer Manor after General Mercer, who was wounded in battle on this field, Princeton Battlefield.

The Princeton Battlefield was where the Red Coats (British Army) fought the Blue Coats (American Army) in the Revolutionary War.  The Battle of Princeton was fought on this location January 3, 1777.


There will be a few more post coming from my visit to the Princeton Battlefield.

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  1. There are greek columns in many places in the US. In the South all old mansions have greek porches. Frat houses in Alabama also have. Frat boys are actually called the greeks there. I don’t know if it is also the case north of the Mason-Dixon line?
    Thanks for this piece of history.

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    • It is my pleasure to share some history with you. I also learned a lot. There were many battles in NJ.

      I do know that the columns on homes and buildings are insprired by the Greek architecture. It was just odd to see them standing alone almost as if it were on purpose.

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