Almost over…

The summer went way to fast for me. I did not get to do many of the things that I said I would. Life events always seemed to ge in the way.  But that is OK.

Summer will be officially over in 20 days. That is when fall begins here in the US, September 21st.

Some of the leaves have already started to change and leaves are falling. There will be some beautiful pictures to take. But I am not ready for this change.




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  1. Thanks a lot for stopping by. You have a cool blog… In our case, summer ended two months ago. The monsoons will end soon. We will then have a brief return of summer, a very short autumn, and hopefully a half-decent winter

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    • It was my pleasure to visit! I hope your monsoon season is not a bad one. We have fall/autumn them winter…I hate winter. From December through March it is freezing. The spring weather returns in time of year.

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      • Well, the monsoon was good in that we had sufficient rain. It was bad, in that the roads have been dug up, so traffic was a mess.

        Our winters in Delhi are not cold anymore. Too much pollution, sadly. What autumn we used to have, has become a fleeting event

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  2. I totally agree about summer going too fast! I am ready for a little cooler days though!

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  3. Summer flew by, but fall is my FAVORITE time of year–which is a good thing as we already have orange leaves up here in Maine. Looking forward to your vibrant fall photos


  4. Not ready to let go of summer? 🙂 Wait for indian summer. 😉

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