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Holdin’ Them Bones

One of the things that we all like to do on vacation is to play Dominoes.  Now this is one game that I am not very good at.

I like how each person has their own way of holding the Dominoes.  How do you hold yours or do you line them up on the table?



Holding them Bones 1



Holding them Bones 2

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Through the Grass

The sunrise yesterday was not very dramatic as it was very cloudy and the sun decided to hide behind the clouds.



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First Morning of Vacation!!


I arrived in OBX (Outer Banks, NC) yesterday afternoon for our annual family vacation.

A tradition that my father and I have is to get up and go to the beach to watch the sunrise.  Back in New Jersey I can never get up this early to go to the shore to see this amazing wonder.




This is Ebony one of my father’s dogs.  She is now blind but still loves to go the beach and walk in the water.


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What’s Fun For You…..

…….is not always fun for someone else.

Last weekend my niece Crystal and her son, Cameron, came over to swim with Arai. While trying to coax Cameron to get in his mother decided to have some fun.

However Cameron did not see anything fun about this.



Mere seconds after this photo was snapped little Cameron screamed so loud…he saw nothing funny.


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Wordless Wednesday



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I have been going to Strawbridge Lake on my lunch break all week waiting for these flowers to bloom.  I know that since the weekend is here and I am not in that area they will surely bloom.

After loading the images from yesterday’s visit I notice that a dragonfly photobombed it.


If you enlarge the below photo you can see the little critters that must also be on their lunch break feasting away.


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Early morning sounds

This weeks Daily Post challenge is Morning.  I am only a morning person when I go on vacation (7 day to go!!), but I stay up late almost every day.

So for this challenge I was unsure what to post then it dawned on me….The early morning (after midnight) sounds of nature.

So about 1:00 am I take my trusty Sony camera out to record the sounds around my home.  I love hearing this. It is so much better than hearing the sounds of cars speeding by like when I lived in an apartment.

Do you enjoy the sounds of nature?

Yes it is really this dark here.  There is one street light and it is very dull so it does not show in the video.

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Ready for Takeoff

Since Monday I have been going to Strawbridge Lake waiting for the water lilies to bloom.  Still no luck.  So today I was able to photography a dragonfly that was resting on a ledge.


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Narrow legs on a narrow branch possibly reflection on the next catch of the day.


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And he called her name…

“TRACI….Come and see me” said the massive tree.

Traci and I had to leave work early today to handle some family business.  When that was finished, we stopped by Strawbridge Lake in Mt. Laurel NJ for some pictures.

There was this massive tree with limbs that were so thick and extremely long that seemed to just be calling for someone to climb it.  So Traci being Traci answered the call and climbed the tree (only minor assistance from me was needed).

The picture does not do justice to the size of this tree.

The picture does not do justice to the size of this tree.



This branch/limb was so thick and long it just amazed me.

This branch/limb was so thick and long it just amazed me.



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