Early morning sounds

This weeks Daily Post challenge is Morning.  I am only a morning person when I go on vacation (7 day to go!!), but I stay up late almost every day.

So for this challenge I was unsure what to post then it dawned on me….The early morning (after midnight) sounds of nature.

So about 1:00 am I take my trusty Sony camera out to record the sounds around my home.  I love hearing this. It is so much better than hearing the sounds of cars speeding by like when I lived in an apartment.

Do you enjoy the sounds of nature?

Yes it is really this dark here.  There is one street light and it is very dull so it does not show in the video.

Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Thank you for these – cicadas? Like they’re shaking tiny maracas.

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  2. Very original entry; great idea 😀 I dropped in to say thank you for the “like” on my entry. I tell everyone that I’m an amateur photographer who gets a lucky shot now and then, but I’m a great nature lover, which makes up for my other shortcomings. I do appreciate the encouragement.

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  3. Very peaceful. Merci.

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  4. Vacation has finally started!


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