Open the door mom! 25/30

Another late night visitor.

Arai’s mommy works 2nd shift, so she generally uses her key and comes on in. But last night she rings the doorbell. Why? When I open the door she tells me that there is a green thing and a brown thing by the door.  So I instantly think she is telling me so I can get a picture.  So I run back in the house and get my camera.

When I come. back she is trying to fuss (you cannot truly fuss with your mom) that she wanted me to get the bugs out-of-the-way not take any pictures.  Lol what can I say…

I did not clear the way after I took the pictures, she had no choice but to go pass this tiny creature.


I like looking at animals and insects and seeing how they are created to blend in with their surroundings.  This creatures body resembles a leaf.


Thanks for visiting!

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  1. He he he! A funny little anecdote 🙂

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  2. So let me offer this: I don’t do grasshoppers (your green subject here), crickets, roaches, beetles or any other bug that flies faster than the speed of sound. I would have had to sleep outside … just saying :-/

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    • Lol you sound like both of my daughters. My oldest, Erica won’t come up the front stairs unless someone is with her because of the frogs…I don’t know where they get this from…

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  3. Your daughter is a city girl right ? 😱

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