Have you ever seen this? 13/30

I have these succulents, Chick’s and Hens, that were originally my Grandmother’s so these plants are old.  I do not recall ever seeing them grow like this.

Have you ever seen them grow like this?   Is this something that only happens sometimes?



Did you notice the giant spiderweb?

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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim

    Wow is that ever neat! I wouldn’t have guessed that was a spiderweb from this picture without your insight lol

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  2. Those are impressive. I’ve not seen them standing up tall. My mom’s would occasionally drape over the side of the container, but still not that long.

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  3. What an amazing plant.

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  4. Mine have done that when they flower. Very cool shot. Love the giant web. Almost looks like fog.

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    • They are almost ready to bloom. I never saw them with flowers befor. Is this something that only happens once in a while? I sprayed water on the web so that it would show up better.


  5. Yes and yes. Looks like a plant we had back in Normandy. Happens when it (rarely) blooms. And the spiderweb, well, your place is a natural history museum. 😉

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