Forbidden Zone

The Forbidden Zone

This weeks Daily word prompt, forbidden and my 6/30 personal challenge.

My job is not that far from NFL Films and I have always been tempted to take this small side road to see what is hidden back there that is so secretive.

Most times when I see these types of signs I view it as an open invitation (unless barbed wire or armed guards are involved) I would go ahead and venture down and take my chances for the sake of a photograph.


But in this case I obey the rules.  I imagine that they have armed guards guarding some major satellite equipment.

Do you obey the signs or take your chances too (when no threat of harm is present of course)?

Thanks for visiting!

PS I have a GIANT favor to ask.  My sister-in-law Traci has joined WP and is participating in the 30 Day Challenge with me and doing the Daily post challenges as well.  If you don’t mind please click here and pay her a visit.  Thanks!!!


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  1. Your sister takes a good photo. Thank you for the link, I hope others follow it too. Keep out signs without barbed wire and not warning of mine fields are an invitation to enter and see what’s hidden and forbidden.

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