Float On 2/30

For my 2 post on in my 30 Day Challenge my sister-in-law Traci, my daughter Erica and I took a drive to nowhere.  We just got in the car and ventured to the unknown.  We ended up at Hasse Marina.

This was fun.  We saw people crabbing and a slew of birds.  I have not done that since my last post in Side Street Sunday post back in December.  I think it is time to start this again tomorrow.  Side Street Sunday will be back!

While at the Marina I saw a single feather floating on the water.  My first thought was a song from back in the late 70’s called Float On by the Floaters.  I LOVED this song.

Float On

Float On




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  1. I love the song from back in the day because it holds so much meaning in its words.

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  2. Didn’t know that song though I was in the US then in grad school. A nice soft tune very much in line with those times… 🙂

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