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A Frog in the Making

Last week while taking pictures of my Work Place Oasis I was able to capture some tadpoles resting on a submerged log.

It still amazes me how nature works.  These creatures start off their life more like a fish then a frog.  Over a short period of time they emerge looking nothing like how their lives started.



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Dreams To Be

This plant is waiting for a dreamer to come along and make a wish and blow all the feather like seeds away.

dreams to be


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Sea of Yellow

yellow star1

Once again I do not know its name. Prior to the blooms it look a something from the succulent family. Now with a sea of yellow star flowers I am not sure.


yellow star2


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What Lurks Beneath

Since I moved into my new home here in the county I have found many creatures coming to see who I am.  Some have been welcoming and beautiful, some cute and lumpy or slimy, one scary, and now one frightening.


My fear is that the welcoming frog is now gone and it is not necessarily by choice.

The hole in the step has been temporarily blocked and will be re-cemented in a day or two.  I hope this is the last time I see a snake this close.

It is never a dull moment here at the ranch!


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Pure Joy and Happiness

Arai’s mommy bought him his first pool. My little grandson had nothing but pure HAPPINESS and was so excited to jump in and get wet.


Make sure you checkout what others are saying about pure!

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(PS don’t tell Arai’s mommy that she is now part of my blog in her PJ’s…LOL)

Beauty and the Beast

I bought a tray of flowers the other day and when I was about to plant them I discovered what looks like an ancient creature from the stone age.

I kinda resembles a grasshopper.  Does anyone know what it is?

that face1

that face2


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The Rockettes


Legs for days

Legs for days

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They Came…

When I was in the apartment I created my Balcony Oasis and hoped that I could attract some butterflies.  Unfortunately they never came.

Well at my new home I am finding lots of interesting creatures.  Today I noticed some butterflies.  I was happy to see that they have finally came.




The Meetup

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“One man’s trash is another’s treasure.” This is such a true statement.  My daughter Essence, saw someone throwing away this bunching bag and thought that the kids would have a ball with it. So she asked if she could have it and of course they said yes.

This was a hit with the kids.  They were checking out the numbers and planning their strategy on how to knock it down.


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I bought a Slip-n-Slide Saturday and once my grandson saw it, that is all he kept asking for.  But I kept telling he had to wait for the BBQ to get wet with the other kids.

On Monday the weather was not the greatest. We had threats of rain all day due to the storm named Bonnie. Luckily for the BBQ and Arai the storm held off and he was able to do some slipping and sliding.

I love how small things make him so happy!




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(Picture not the greatest)

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